You want real news?  This is where to go, Matt Drudge has his finger on the pulse of all the Conservative News that the Liberal Sites won't show you.

Joe Cartoon is one of the funniest short cartoon sites I've seen in awhile.  Check it out.

You have to see this to understand it.  I've been a serious follower since 2002.  Strongbad is my idol.

US State Department chronological review of all Islamic Terrorist Activity since 1960's.

How could I not include my love's own photography site?  She's got an eye that most people would love to have.


looking for something?  A new guitar?  A job? A date?... you'll find it all here, and best of all... it's completely free.  Each metropolitan area has their own section, so you don't have to sort through things from all over the states.

Heheh... you have to see it to understand.  This is the "guy's" version of the lifetime channel.

Couldn't resist.

The Colbert Nation.  How I spend every night from 11:30-12:00

Can be addictive... my best score on level one was just under 2000...
Cube Wars Clip... amazingly funny (if you're a computer nerd like me)