Welcome stranger, to my little space on the web.  Sure it's not "My Space.com" but I usually prefer something a little more ... ummmm.... personal.  Why did we take it upon ourselves to put this site together to tell you about our little family?  We're bored. 

Have a look around, maybe you'll find a few interesting tidbits about us and why I find my family as interesting as I do.  My Wife?  Best way I can describe her is a really hot frontier woman.  I find it hard sometimes to relate to other guys when they talk about how much their wives nag or spend, cause mine does neither.  Some might say I'm actually the chick in the relationship... although I wouldn't bring it up with me should we be in conversation cause I'm a little sore about it.  I think it might actually be stemming from dependency issues brought on in my childhood by.... wait.... are you charging me for this?

Anyway, have a look around, I've put alot of the hidden gems of the Internet in my little space here, maybe you'll find something you enjoy.  Also make sure to take a gander at my music of the week link below.  Make sure you have your volume down first, cause it's usually going to be pretty loud.


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News Every American Needs to Know

Gingrich: We need to recognize that America is in World War III....
For peaceful purposes right?
The fragility of our good life
Killing the Indian Call Center
Did your Cat change your personality?

Tunes Every American Needs to Hear

LA Guns - Never Enough
Faith no More - Everything's Ruined
Nickleback - Saturday's Alright
Deftones - Headup
Massive Attack - I against I
Drivin & Cryin - Strait to Hell
Elton John - Tiny Dancer
KMK - Last Chance
G Love - Cold Beverage
HedPe - Tired of Sleep
James Taylor - Handyman
Korn - Blind